Adonis: Banipal is a unique cultural project

Adonis 6 by Thomas Hoegh 2011 ALT3
Adonis by Thomas Hoegh



Internationally renowned poet Adonis wrote the following testimony to salute Banipal magazine:

Banipal has been realizing a unique and twofold project within the sphere of cultural productions of the Arab world. For, on the one hand, it provides a space in which Arabic literary texts are set in motion, in a direct dialogue with literary texts in the English language, in terms of both content and form. And, on the other hand, it offers an historic opportunity that allows for the language of the self to be reflected in the language of the Other, through a continuous, diverse and profuse flux.

Hence, it seems to me that Banipal is not merely a bridge between two cultures but, rather, a laboratory of sorts, where the two sides meet – a laboratory that illuminates the styles of modern Arabic writing, while at the same time unleashing the energies that would allow it to engage in the grand literary developments and evolutions.

It’s a project that we should participate in, and support!